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The SACE Public Education team empowers individuals and communities to take action against sexual violence. To accomplish this, SACE delivers presentations, workshops and seminars, distributes brochures, and attends community events. SACE also provides educational sessions to adults involved in community groups and programs (e.g. athletic, leisure, art, religious, parent, and youth-serving groups), adults with developmental disabilities, and adults receiving support from community services (e.g. adults in addiction facilities, adults recovering from domestic violence, etc.).

Our Public Education sessions are offered at no fee, but when we travel outside of the City of Edmonton we require our mileage to be reimbursed. If your organization is out of town, we will contact you with a quote and an invoice for this fee.

Youth School Presentation Booking


Youth Presentation Booking


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If you cannot find your school, please contact us at
Grades and Ages

Presentation Topic(s)

The typical presentation topics per approximate age range are listed below. For more information about each presentation topic, please visit

  • Gr7/12-13 years - Sexual Harassment
  • Gr8/13-14 years - Sexual Assault & Consent
  • Gr9/4-15 years - Non-Consensual Photo Sharing
  • High School/15-18 years - Sexual Assault & Consent and/or Non-Consensual Photo Sharing
  • Adults - sexual assault information, child sexual abuse information, adults who were sexually abused as children, and some common potential impacts of trauma related to sexual abuse.

Your Session(s)

In this section, tell us a bit about the sessions you'd like. It's okay if you're not sure; put in your best answers and we can help you from there. Please note, our sessions are most effective with regular class sizes (about 25-35 participants) but can be adapted to work with larger or smaller groups. Our minimum participant requirement is 8 participants.

SACE operates daily from Monday - Thursday, with some exceptions being made for Friday - Sunday. For schools or organizations that are out of town, please note that we have a Winter Driving Policy wherein sessions scheduled between November and March may be cancelled due to inclement driving conditions. To avoid cancellations, it is recommended that out of town sessions are scheduled outside of November - March. Please indicate your preferred date(s) and/or day(s) of the week for your presentation(s). While we cannot guarantee these dates will be available, we will do our best to accommodate your request. Please note, the date of your booking is not finalized until you are contacted by a Public Educator.

If you're not sure, that's okay. You can enter morning or afternoon, or simply leave this blank and we'll confirm with you later.
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